Changing People's Lives one person at a time!

Our Mission

Changing People’s Lives, Inc. was originally established in the city of Loma Linda, CA in 2003 as a Christian ministry supporting the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the communist countries around the world.


Changing People’s Lives, Inc. operates under the umbrella of the Canadian Revenue Agency.  The office is located in Toronto, just a few minutes from several churches such as First Filipino-Canadian, Downsview, and Mt.Zion SDA Churches.


Mission Statement

(CPL) is a Canadian non-profit charitable organization committed to enhancing the quality of life in communist countries around the world. We work to bring hope through the love of Jesus, and serve the people we encounter, regardless of religion, race, colour, age, disability, or gender.


Our Staff

Pastor Eliseo Lozano




Our President, Pastor Eliseo Lozano, is always out in the field, often in communist countries, taking a hands-on approach to handling our various missions and projects. His faith and passion are the driving force for Changing People’s Lives, Inc.

Board of Directors

Dr. Larry Shipowick DDS


Larry was born into a family of seven boys on a farm in Melville, Saskatchewan.  He learned the varied skills of snaring rabbits and drowning gophers among others!  He spent four years at Canadian Union College in Lacombe, AB before attending Walla Walla College to receive his BA in 1958.  That same year he married his sweetheart, Vicki Housch from Hanna, AB.  Furthering his goals, he entered Loma Linda University and completed the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) program in 1962.  Returning to Alberta, Dr. Shipowick set up practice in Red Deer where he resided for 45 years.  In 1978 Larry completed the Masters of Public Health (MPH) from Loma Linda University, which rounded out his portfolio. 


Larry retired 13 years ago and moved to Kelowna, BC.  He is actively involved in the Complete Health Improvement Program known as CHIP, as well as being a member of the BC Health Ministries team.  His life if very fulfilling for him.  He keeps busy playing golf, tennis or biking and hiking whenever he can.  He enjoys his 3 grown children: Dene, who lives in Lacombe, AB and is a Psychologist, Leanne who is fortunate enough to live close to her parents in Kelowna and is a Dental Hygienist in the Office Practice Management field, and Tammi, who is an educator and lives in Ottawa with her Architect husband, who happens to work for the Government of Canada.  Larry and his wife have nine grandchildren and praise God for their continued good health and continued blessings.  Larry looks forward to serving his Lord until His return.




Mario Roque


Originally from Portugal, Mr. Roque did not know what it was like to wear a pair of shoes until he became 11 years old when he arrived in Canada.  His life is a testimony of what real life is all about.  A successful and dedicated entrepreneur, Mario has experienced the good and the not-so- good extremes of life.  He is currently the President and owner of Landmart Homes with headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario.  He is not only a visionary but also a real inspiration in ministry.  He has travelled to almost every communist country of the world where he and his two sons have really changed people’s lives for eternity.  What a privilege to have such a Board Member with us.





Pr. Eliseo Lozano, MBA


Our President, Pastor Eliseo Lozano, is always out in the field, often in communist countries, taking a hands-on approach to handling our various missions and projects. His faith and passion are the driving force for Changing People’s Lives, Inc.








Brad Jacobson


Brad currently resides in Kelowna, BC.  He grew up in Calgary, AB, but moved to Melbourne, Australia in 1988.  While there, he met his wife Rina, an immigrant from the Philippines.  They lived in Sydney, New South Wales for 4 years until he and his family returned to Canada in 2000, this time to Armstrong, BC.  They have a daughter, Valerie, who is currently studying graphic design and has a great passion for ministry.  She is also a violinist and music arranger.


Brad, along with his wife, is a business consultant for software designed to help book publishers’ entire business operations.  Typically he works from home, but traveling to client sites is also a big part of his job.


For Brad and Rina, living in downtown Kelowna provides proximity to the local restaurant scene.  They enjoy a great variety of cuisines and eating spots.  Not just your average city slicker, Brad also loves to go driving out to the wilderness in his Jeep.  He enjoys camping, kayaking, and target shooting while out in God’s nature.  He and his wife have recently adopted the love of motorbike touring.  They have gone on trips to Washington State, the Kootenays and Vancouver Island.  They have also discovered the beauties of Cuba.  Brad is excited to have the opportunity to be involved in a ministry that helps that country.




Monica Garcia, MBA


Before joining Changing People’s Lives, Inc. in 2014, Monica Garcia worked for 21 years for a diverse range of organizations, including large corporations, non-profits, grant management, small business startups, and the private sector.  Her motivation has always been to help businesses succeed.  Monica Garcia’s varied background in business administration, finance, and human resources provided the perfect foundation for her current position as CFO where she can join both her love of finance with that of service. Monica Garcia is a qualified leader who holds an MBA in Finance from La Sierra University.


Dr. Larry Shipowick DDS
Pr. Eliseo Lozano
CPL, Inc. Board Member
Cree Rillo
CPL, Inc. Board Secretary