Changing People's Lives one person at a time!


After years of wars and isolation, the communist country of Laos is fast earning a different reputation. The wrong turns you take make your life a little bit more exciting in this part of the world! Laos is truly a memorable country–from the people you meet to the chickens you share seats with on the bus.


The Seventh-day Adventist church stands as one of the only five recognized denominations allowed by communist authorities to function and do ministry inside of their country. Buddhism remains the dominant religion almost everywhere in the country along with “spirit” worship. People in this communist country believe that everyone has 32 spirits, known as Khwan, each of which acts as a guardian over a specific organ or faculty–mental or physical.


75% of the people in Laos live in rural communities with an income of $100/month. The terrible reality about this communist country is the fact that it is known as the most bombed country in history, which has kept Laos from developing over the years.


However, government authorities in Laos have recently opened the way for non-government organizations, like Changing People’s Lives, Inc., to contribute to the development of their country where poverty is the norm for a huge number of people. The Seventh-day Adventist church has a world of opportunities in this communist country where the total population has more than doubled in the last 30 years. During a short visit to the communist country of Laos Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State of the United States of America, made a positive comment about the work of Changing People’s Lives, Inc.


Today, Changing People’s Lives, Inc. concentrates our efforts in the hiring and training of native lay missionaries that share hope and love from our Living God in heaven. Our CPL President, Pastor Lozano says, “If there is a place where your support can make a difference, it is the communist country of Laos through the sponsoring of local lay workers”.


Changing People’s Lives, Inc. also works to provide most needed medical supplies to hospitals and clinics in communist Laos, and mosquito nets to fight Malaria. Along with these more basic Humanitarian projects, Changing People’s Lives, Inc. has developed a more innovative concept called “Bathroom Evangelism.” Through your financial support, we can build shower and toilet facilities in various communities and provide those services to the local people who have never had access to such a luxury in their homes. Next to each facility, we add a small chapel that each visitor will pass. As part of scheduling their time to use the facility, we will encourage them to take a class at the chapel, such as listening to lectures on healthy ways of living and the importance of having a leading God as part of their daily life.


During a recent trip to review our “Bathroom Evangelism” facilities, we found people came to the chapel far in advance of their scheduled time to use the showers. When asked about their early arrival time, they told us,


“We come to meet with God first, and then, once clean by Him, we move into the shower room.”


Keep this country and God’s beloved people in prayer. From simple things, He can make something beautiful. And through your partnership, even a toilet or a shower room is a powerful tool for God to use to change their lives for the better!


If you would like to direct your donation to fund a project in Laos, click Laos as your “Mission Field” and write a note in the comments section to mention exactly what you would like your donation to support or know that we will put your funds to the best use possible.


I pray that you may be inspired and touched to sponsor a project in this communist country.  The HOPE of eternal life is just within reach of these men and women.  Even a humble child can be used of God.  Please consider using the blessings God has given you so that the gospel can be spread to all of Laos.  Would you help us?

"Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!".

-Psalm 96:3