The Humanitarian Division

If you’ve ever been excited about providing a piece of the most needed HOPE, you will find CPL International to be an effective vessel in accomplishing exactly that.

  • We provide thousands of bibles either above ground or underground, especially in those countries where the full exercise of religion is a challenge.
  • You can become a partner with CPL International Ministries by supporting the hiring of a Native Lay Missionary under challenging circumstances in the communist countries of the world.
  • In a lot of places where Religious Freedom is highly restricted, we provide the tools and means for you to help us to establish a home-church that functions and provides even more productive results than a large, established church building.
  • Through the spiritual outreach Division, you can travel and be part of an evangelistic crusade, participate in a VBS, or be part of a different type of mission experience in places where you can’t even imagine being allowed to go.

One of the major excitements of being a mission partner with CPL International Ministries is to come and see with your own hands what your funds and resources can accomplish, and where your spiritual influence goes well beyond your hometown and into the most restricted countries of the world.

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Support our Spiritual Outreach Initiative

Airlift balloons of hope into North Korea with pieces of plastic bibles, local currency, medicine, radios and light food. 
Provide Bags of Rice with a “smuggled” recipe book (The Bible) to people that live in the rural areas of communist Laos. 
Sending “spiritually contaminated” plastic bottles into North Korea. 

Support our Humanitarian Initiative

Contribute to the establishment of a bathroom facility in the communist country of Laos that will later become a center of Spiritual Influence. 
Support the distribution of sleeping mats to elderly people that have no other choice than to sleep on a cold floor in rural North Korea 
Sponsor, together with other mission partners, the gift of a Refrigerator or other Electrical appliances to people in the US who barely survive on a daily basis. 
Provides most needed food and personal items to desperate and persecuted people in those forbidden and sensitive places of the world. 
Provide the gift of a mosquito net to villages in communist Vietnam that are plagued by contaminated water and the risk of Malaria. 

And everywhere

CPL lay workers pushing a minivan heading to a crusade
Towards the hiring of a Native Lay Missionary in the communist island of Cuba, who shares the Word of God with 190 people per month on average.
Provides Technology support to a number of underground Christian training centers in the restricted, western areas of Communist China. 
Will contribute to the printing of urgently needed bible study lessons behind the walls of communism. 
That in partnership with some other CPL International Mission Partners, contributes to the Establishment of a Home-Church congregation in a communist country where churches are highly restricted. 
Will help us prevent the “sale” or “lease” of a young girl into Human Trafficking in the communist country of Laos. 
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